What are the main brands of LED projectors?

The best way to properly illuminate a large space, whether indoors (for special events or concerts) or outdoors (for other uses), is to use an LED floodlight. You almost certainly already have a product in mind. Choosing a brand depends on your budget and preferences, as most manufacturers offer different product ranges. This article will provide you with everything you need to know about the best brand of LED projectors.

The best LED projectors of 2022

What is an LED projector?

LED floodlights are lighting devices that can be used for indoor and outdoor lighting in a number of situations. Airports, open plan offices, theatres and other public places frequently use this type of lighting. With its soft, bright light, the spotlight is valued for its ability to enhance a space.

LED spotlight brand

The light produced by this illuminator is normally white, but it can be made warmer or cooler by using a filter. The basic purpose of a spotlight, regardless of its position, is to effectively illuminate a large space. Its optical technology is able to diffuse light into small spaces.

What are the best LED projector brands?

An LED floodlight is mainly used to illuminate the exterior of a building, but it can also be used to illuminate the interior. Before buying one of these devices, whether for personal or professional use, you should first evaluate a series of essential criteria. However, with so many models available, making the best choice can be difficult. But to help you make your decision, there are many companies available. So, to make it easier for you, I've listed below some of the most popular LED projector brands:

The Auralum brand

Auralum is a well-known brand among consumers. It offers products with a very authentic design that illuminate the space as soon as they are installed. In addition, Auralum is also an original designer of luminaires and other lighting-related equipment.

There are several types of LED floodlights from this brand that can be used both indoors and outdoors, including the 50W LED floodlights, a set of 10 LED floodlights with 10W power. You can easily adjust the power of the floodlights, as well as the level of illumination. Because they are mobile and durable, they can be adjusted according to your requirements. The Auralum brand is one of the leading specialists in LED floodlights. They are very practical, simple and easy to install. What's more, these projectors consume very little electricity.

The Lixada brand

If you want to light up your building, Lixada is most likely the brand to choose. They have a wide range of portable and fixed lighting devices for indoor and outdoor use, including floodlights, bulbs and other useful lighting accessories.

When it comes to LED floodlights, you will find models that are weatherproof and have waterproof frames, so you can use them outdoors without worry. They can also be used for indoor lighting or to complement the lighting of a room or garage, for example, thanks to their adjustable power. Two examples of the types are shown below:

  • LED spotlight with 10W power.
  • LED spotlight with solar collector.

The Lighting Ever brand

Lightning Ever is a leading brand in the lighting industry, specialising in the design of lamps and luminaires. To meet your needs, the company offers a diverse selection of products. Wall lamps, torch or lantern lamps, outdoor floodlights, solar lamps, LED ceiling fans and rope lights are just some of the many options available.

Lightning Ever's LED floodlights are known for their ease of use and high performance. The company offers versions with lighting power ranging from 10 to 200W. They are exceptionally robust and suitable for a wide range of weather conditions. Here are two types of LED floodlights from this brand:

  • 10W cool white LED spotlight.
  • Rechargeable LED spotlight.

The Brandson brand

It is a brand that specialises in the production of lighting equipment for indoor, outdoor and mobile needs. In its active section you will find desk lamps, night lights, wall decorations and much more.

LED projector brand

When it comes to LED projectors, the company is known for providing equipment that offers excellent value for money. The latest technological advances have been incorporated into Brandson's various products. In the case of motion detectors, the sensors are activated immediately if they detect suspicious activity in the dark. You can also use sophisticated sensors that automatically change the lighting of the LEDs according to the ambient light. So here are some types of LED floodlights from Brandson:

  • 30W battery operated LED floodlight with folding reflector, 2500 lumens.
  • 100W LED spotlight.

The CroLED brand

CroLED is a brand that specialises in designing objects equipped with LEDs, including string lights, rope lights, torches and lanterns, as well as desk lamps, security lamps and indoor and outdoor lighting. Despite its recent debut at the high end of the market in 2013, CroLED has managed to satisfy a large number of consumers with the quality of its products.

LED floodlights from this brand offer a high level of functionality to their users. If they have remote controls, for example for light levels or orientation angles, they can be operated remotely. Due to their robust structure and unusual design, their life span will not surprise you.

The PMS brand

One of the best known brands is PMS. They offer high quality LED floodlights that have a high light output. These floodlights can be used both indoors and outdoors. They are easy to install and consume very little energy. Therefore, you can install them wherever you want without worrying about their very low power consumption. PMS produces high quality, low power consumption projectors at affordable costs.

Here are two types of LED projectors from this brand:

  • LED spotlight with motion detector and 30W of power.
  • LED spotlight with motion detector, 20W power.

The Kaigeli brand 

Kaigeli is one of the leading brands of LED projectors because of the high quality of their products. They create high capacity devices. Their devices offer exceptional performance while consuming less energy. The prices of these products are often high and out of reach for most investors, despite their high quality. Kaigeli offers a number of LED projectors, including the following:

  • LED spotlight with 50W power.
  • Waterproof LED spotlight with 100W of power.
LED spotlight brand 2

How to choose your LED projector?

What type of LED floodlight should you choose? This is a question that almost every patio, pool or garden owner has asked themselves at one time or another. The truth is that there are many aspects to consider when choosing an LED floodlight, from technical features, colour, functionality and most importantly choosing the right power.

The number of lumens and the power of the LED projector

When choosing a projector, the first thing you need to think about is the brightness of your device. The amount of visible light is measured in lumens. Therefore, you need to make sure that the lumens you choose for your LED projector are suitable for your needs. Watts are a term frequently used to characterise this. The goal is to find the LED projector with the optimal balance between power output and lumens, which translates into the best performance to power consumption ratio at the time of purchase.

Colour temperature

In the field of LEDs, there are many colour temperature options. These temperatures have distinct characteristics and correspond to different colours of white. The light can be cool, neutral or warm, and its temperature is measured in Kelvin. There is a blue tint in the cool colour. This is the most efficient in terms of luminance. It can be attractive from a safety point of view, but it is less suitable for friendly, warm environments. Cool colour is measured in Kelvin and is around 6000 K.

The neutral white colour temperature is between 3000 and 4000 K. It has a hue that resembles first daylight. This is a fantastic compromise that offers exceptional visibility while remaining gentle on the eyes. A major advantage, especially when the field of view of the projector is obstructed by neighbours. Warm white is the most popular choice for living rooms and interiors. Warm white has a golden hue and varies between 2000 and 3000 K. On terraces, it creates attractive family and social atmospheres. Most people prefer this colour temperature for this reason.

The options available

The features of a projector are, of course, the final factor to consider when making your purchase. Some of the most important ones are the following:

  • The presence of a dimmable function, which allows the light output to be controlled.
  • The presence a motion detectorA new energy-saving feature (automatically switches off and on when someone is present).
  • The presence of an anti-glare filter.

If you have any further questions, please consult our FAQ section.

How does an LED projector work?

The LED floodlight provides light through a technique known as electroluminescence. LEDs use semiconductor materials that allow energy to pass through them, unlike a conventional light bulb, which lights up when energy passes through the wire. When an electrical signal passes through a material, it encounters atoms that are too large to pass. When the electrons retune, they emit a photon, a small particle of light that acts as a bridge between the electrical signal and the other side. The energy consumption of this method is lower than that of a conventional light bulb, as it produces very little heat.

An LED projector

Using your LED projector

The type of LED floodlight you should choose is influenced by the use you will make of it. You can choose a floodlight that activates when motion is detected and provides appropriate lighting if you want to illuminate a driveway or the entrance to your home from the outside. However, if your spotlight is intended to illuminate a part of your garden for outdoor dining, use a constant, dim light. An LED floodlight with warm colours, such as a white or warm yellow, is recommended in this case. This shade is more suitable if the spotlight is directed towards your terrace, house or neighbouring property, as it is more comfortable for the eyes.

Finally, the power of an LED floodlight allows you to control the area of illumination and, more importantly, its surface area, in addition to the function for which it is intended. A 10W LED floodlight, for example, can illuminate an area of 10 to 15m2A 20W spotlight illuminates an area of 15 to 25m2a projector of 30W illuminates an area of 25 to 30 m2and a 50W floodlight is able to illuminate an area of 40-50m2.

Advantages of the best LED projectors

The LED floodlight, a powerful technology now used for lighting, has become an indispensable part of today's environment. It has a number of advantages, including the ability to move around without losing track of time and the ability to withstand extreme heat and cold. The LED floodlight also has a very high luminosity. Its efficiency surpasses that of halogen bulbs. It is made of high quality materials, and you can adjust the angle of the light to reduce glare. And best of all, if your LED floodlight is broken, you can repair it.

Brand of LED projector

Each LED floodlight comes with a complete installation kit. It is easy to install on a stand. The power consumption ratio is generally beneficial. It can be used both indoors and outdoors and for a variety of situations. Most floodlights can be found at a reasonable cost. They are the best lighting options for reducing energy consumption.

Price range

Various factors influence the price of an LED projector, including the power of the projector, its design, its power consumption and, most importantly, its brand. An entry-level quality projector costs around 20 euros, a mid-range projector costs between 30 and 100 euros, and a high-end LED projector costs around 500 euros.

To conclude

LED floodlights are available in a variety of brands and types. They can be used for a variety of purposes and are very useful for lighting your building, whether for decoration or security. There are many varieties of LED floodlights to choose from, but most importantly, you need to select the ones that suit you best. I hope that all this information can help you in your purchase.


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